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We provide worldwide repatriation of the deceased back home

RepatService, located in The Netherlands helps private individuals, companies, funeral and insurance companies. We provide assistance in the event of a death to organize the transfer back home, anywhere around the world.

Because every death situation abroad is different, due to, among other things, the cause and country of death, local legislation, whether or not insurance is involved and the presence or absence of family, we answer all questions and explain the options and costs for the repatriation.

Our goal is to unburden you as much as possible so that we have the deceased, your loved one, transferred home as quickly as possible. A death, and certainly abroad, is often unexpected and drastic and not something that someone often has to deal with.

We do and we care. That’s our strength.

Please do not hesitate to contact us so we can provide you with information or immediate assistance
by Tel 0031(0)85 006 9905.

24/7 available.

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Do you need immediate assistance with a death situation in the Netherlands or abroad? Call us directly on 0031 (0)85 006 9905. We are 24/7 available.

Would you like to receive a cost estimation for an imminent death abroad or in the Netherlands, for which we can arrange the repatriation?
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