Our goal is to unburden you as much as possible so that we have the deceased, your loved one, transferred home as quickly as possible.

Cost estimation

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about repatriation.

What does repatriation mean?

Repatriation means transferring a person. This can be during life or after death. The RepatService takes care of the transfer of a deceased person.

How long does a repatriation take?

That depends, among other thigs, on the location and cause of death, local and national legislation and how quickly the international documents are ready. Usually a repatriation takes about 1 week, but sometimes it can take several weeks before a deceased person is back home.

What does a repatriation cost?

The amount of the costs depends on the location of death and which transport must be arranged. The costs of transport by means of an airplane are higher than the transport with a hearse. The costs vary, per country and situation, from approximately € 4,000 to € 12,000. These costs include everything such as international documents, the repatriation coffin, the costs of transport abroad and at home, customs clearance and mortuary. We can provide you an overview of the costs by phone and email.

Is the passport still valid?

After the death, the passport is no longer valid and a Laissez-Passer must be requested for the transfer. These and other documents are arranged by us.

What does the insurance pay?

The costs for an international transfer are often partially reimbursed by travel, health or funeral insurance. Ask your insurer what exactly is or is not reimbursed.

Can I already arrange the funeral back home?

This is not recommended because a transfer can take a number of days to a number of weeks. We coordinate the planning for the funeral back home with the relatives and funeral director.

What does the funeral director arrange back home?

The funeral director basically only arranges everything around the funeral back home.

Can I, as family, fly/drive back at the same time with the deceased?

This is often not recommended, but it is (sometimes) possible. We will discuss with you what is or is not possible.

How much does a funeral/cremation cost abroad?

The costs for a funeral abroad are very different and depend on, among other things, the country and location abroad. We can advise you about the possibilities.

What are the costs for sending the ashes abroad?

The costs for sending the ashes abroad depend on the destination. We are glad to send you an offer by mail.