Death abroad, return to the Netherlands

In case of a death situation abroad, then it is important that you do not just sign any papers or
documents. Often you don’t speak the language, or you don’t know the terms from the funeral
industry, so you might just sign something that you later regret.

When the deceased has a travel or health insurance that reimburses the costs of returning to the
Netherlands, then call the emergency centre for immediate assistance. The travel- or insurance
company can provide the telephone number of the contracted emergency centre.

If it is unclear whether the deceased has a insurance policy, please contact us for immediate
assistance. We answer all your questions and can assist you to find out what the coverage of the
insurance policy is.

We help all individuals, companies and organizations who are not insured for a repatriation. We send
you an estimation of the costs, based on the situation abroad and the prefered location back home.
We intend to keep the costs as low as possible and the repatriation as quickly as possible.

In case of a death situation abroad, it can take a few days to sometimes a few weeks, before the
deceased arrives back home.

This may be due to the cause of death, how quickly the body was released by the authorities,
national/local legislation, the speed that international documents are ready and the options for
transport (by air and/or road).

We’ll keep you informed of every step and provide a realistic picture of the costs and duration of
the repatriation. Until we do not definitively inform you of the arrival day in the Netherlands, it is
important that you do not organize the funeral in the Netherlands yet.

Force majeure can always occur, which unfortunately causes a delay in returning to the Netherlands
(e.g. due to weather conditions, strikes at the airport).

In some cases, the situation abroad, or the level of the costs, requires a different solution, such as a
cremation or burial abroad. Even then we can help you or the insurance company.

Please do not hesitate to contact us so we can provide you with information or immediate assistance
by Tel 0031(0)85 006 9905.

24/7 available.
Request costs estimation / information

Would you like to receive a cost estimation for an imminent death abroad or in the Netherlands, for which we can arrange the repatriation? Please contact us.

Do you need immediate assistance with a death situation abroad?
Call us directly on 0031 (0)85 006 9905. We are 24/7 available.