Death in the Netherlands, return abroad

If you are dealing with an (imminent) death in the Netherlands and the deceased, your loved one,
has to return to the home country, it is important that you know whether the repatriations costs will
be paid by a travel, health or funeral insurance policy.

If a insurance is at present, you often have the free choice to call a company that will arrange the
transfer to the home country for you, like us. To be sure, call the insurance company, or call us, we
will be happy to help you.

Also ask carefully which repatriation costs are covered because many services are often not
reimbursed by the insurance company. We can help you to find out this information, as we like to
unburden you as much as possible.

If the deceased does not have an insurance policy, the repatriation costs are paid by the family,
friends or sometimes employer. We can help you by inventorying the necessary information in order
to make a cost estimation.

For the repatriation back home, we organize the international documents, the personal care of the
deceased and the transfer by air and/or road. We also provide the communication with all the
stakeholders in the Netherlands and abroad.

Upon arrival in the home country, the local funeral company (together with the family) brings the
deceased to the last place of destination.

We would be pleased to inform you about the possibilities and costs for a repatriation abroad. We
also provide repatriations from abroad to the home country.

Please do not hesitate to contact us so we can provide you with information or immediate assistance
by Tel 0031(0)85 006 9905.

24/7 available.
Request costs estimation / information

Would you like to receive a cost estimation for an imminent death abroad or in the Netherlands, for which we can arrange the repatriation? Please contact us.

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